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Topher and Christina currently live in Elk Grove, California. Christina was diagnosed with Stage IV Endometriosis in October 2012 with an exploratory laparoscopic surgery. Ablation (burning) of the lesions, a cyst removal, and the cutting of adhesion's attaching her right ovary to her bowels were performed during the surgery. It only took 3 months before the Endometriosis symptoms returned. With Topher by her side, Christina struggled to find effective treatments and a doctor willing to perform another surgery for the next 4 years. In April 2016, Christina underwent another laparoscopic ablation (burning) surgery. With the relief of Endometriosis symptoms for only 11 months this time, Topher and Christina took matters into their own hands. They educated themselves on the different techniques and procedures available for Endometriosis, such as the "gold standard" wide-excision laparoscopic procedure. With the wide-excision procedure they cut out the lesions compared to ablation where they only burn the lesions. Wide-excisions has been proven to be more effective than the ablation technique. Unfortunately, only a handful of doctors are able to perform the wide-excision technique and the procedure is not covered by most insurance companies. Christina is currently awaiting and saving up her pennies for her laparoscopic wide-excision surgery that has a price tag of a whopping $26k, with the Endometriosis Specialist, Dr. Andrew Cook at the Vital Health Institute in Palo Alto, California.


Cosmic Lotus was created with the strong women struggling from Endometriosis in mind because we understand how hard it can be. We want to bring awareness to this debilitating disease, to help those suffering from it, and to help contribute to the research of Endometriosis in any way we can.


Becoming aware and educating yourself and others about Endometriosis can go a long way. The lack of awareness has caused an average delay of about 10 years to even be diagnosed with Endometriosis in the United States. By doing this simple act, you can do things like making those you know that are suffering from the disease feel understood and cared for, you can be an advocate for a loved one who is having a tough time advocating for themselves, or even help yourself or a loved one become diagnosed.

Our goal is to someday help those who, like Christina, cannot afford to see an Endometriosis Specialist and receive the "gold standard" procedure that they so desperately need. 10% of our profits from our products in the "Shop" tab will go to helping women affected by Endometriosis and the research of the disease, or you can donate by clicking the button below!